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I pass on my knowledge and my experiences as a first mover and founder. Including sustainable and holistic solution options. Pragmatic, simple, efficient.

Please note: 

All publications have been published in German so far.

Sheiza´s international clients receive "Sheiza's whole Transformation of People and Brands" as well as my chapter "Megatrend Wholeness and its Marketing-specific and Economic impact on Holistic Health" (published by SpringerGabler in "Marketing in the health market") in English in PDF format.

Both publications are included in the package free of charge for all clients.

Either in German or in English.


Sabine Schneider: "Sheiza's whole Transformation of People and Brands - how the soul saves the world" (ISBN: 978-3-347-04323-7, published September 2020)

The book on Sheiza's process accompaniment:

Your holistic guide as efficient support on your path of holistically successful transformation.

Independent of age, culture, mentality, etc.


Sabine Schneider: "Megatrend Wholeness - a solution option for current health and economic challenges through the development of our consciousness", in: blauweiss magazine issue 01/20. A summarising contribution to the impulse lecture by Sabine Schneider in the context of the Berlin Salon on 17 February 2020 at the Tennis-Club 1899 e. V. Blau-Weiss Berlin. Available for club members only.

Sabine Schneider: "Megatrend Wholeness and its Marketing-specific and Economic impact on Holistic Health"

In: Matusiewicz, David; Stratmann, Frank; Wimmer, Johannes (eds.) "Marketing in the health market. Introduction - stocktaking - future perspectives", Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler (ISBN 978-3-658-20278-1, August 2019).

Please note: Springer Gabler is a renowned German academic publisher focusing on Economics.