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WHOLENESS - For your powerful start in a Holistic Age.

"We are part of the earth .... The perfumes flowers are our sisters; the deer, the horse, the great eagle: these are our brothers. All things are connected ...."

(Chief Seattle - a Suquamish & Duwamish leader)

About the founder

Born in 1968 in the former West-Berlin, Germany.

On her own path to wholeness, as founder of Sheiza's, she gained knowledge and experience in different organizational forms. This varies from individuals, to partners, families, companies, that are all from different cultures.

As an economist and also as a spiritual mentor, she is interested in healthy growth, balance and sustainability for all living beings: people, animals, nature, planet, universe. 


2019 - present: Published author, expert in consciousness development and holistic marketing. An inspiring keynote speaker on wholeness.

Main focus: potential liberation - mentoring leaders in their daily lives - reorientation and repositioning – developing values through mediation, training and facilitating partners and small groups. Integration of sustainable feedback, communication and conflict - Holistic marketing - workshops and seminars as part of cultural, personnel and individual change processes - development of holistic brands and business areas.

2009 - present: A spiritual mentor, psychological counsellor & mediator. Including analyzing & exploring different indigenous and western cultures.

Main focus: helping individuals, couples, and organizations in inner change processes - spiritual initiations and retreats that transforms fears, blockages, resistances, doubts, traumas.

1999 - present: National & international market analyst & management consultant in the health & leisure market.

Main focus in preparing and the presentation of the market for its potential and profitability in analyses as well as lectures - brand development and maintenance - formulation of visions, goals and strategies - development of marketing concepts – appropriate implementation - personnel development and organization of employees - risk and crisis management.

Graduation as well as further education in the field of spiritual, mental, and physical health

  • Economist (1998) - Focus I: Marketing / Focus II: World Market & Developing Countries
  • CCI certified Change Manager (2018)
  • Shamanic Counsellor (2008) - soul health
  • Certified Psychological Consultant (2008) - mind health
  • Fitness / Aerobics Instructor (1994) - body health


Pragmatic and solution-oriented scientific final thesis 

2018. Not all change is the same.

Strategy, concept and implementation of a whole leadership and team development.

2008. Psychology and Shamanism.

A path to the core of consciousness and self-realisation.

1998. Sport - Society - Economy.

Social change and the special demands on marketing strategic thinking for fitness centers.


Sabine Schneider: "Sheiza's whole transformation of people and brands - how the soul saves the world" (ISBN: 978-3-347-04323-7, September 2020, published in German, English version planned)

Sabine Schneider: "Megatrend Wholeness - a solution option for current health and economic challenges through the development of our consciousness", in: blauweiss magazine issue 01/20. A summarising contribution to the impulse lecture by Sabine Schneider in the context of the Berlin Salon on 17 February 2020 at the Tennis-Club 1899 e. V. Blau-Weiss Berlin

Sabine Schneider: "Megatrend Wholeness and its marketing-specific and economic impact on holistic health" in: Matusiewicz, David; Stratmann, Frank; Wimmer, Johannes (eds.) "Marketing in the health market. Introduction - stocktaking - future perspectives", Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler (ISBN 978-3-658-20278-1, August 2019).

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