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A holistic guidance to a sustainably fulfilled, fortunate & healthy life on a secure foundation. 

Conscious, authentic, efficient, grounded, experienced, practical, structured, inspiring, reduced to the essentials.

For your soul, mind & body - For your private life - For your business life - For your holistically successful life. 

Human beings cannot solve current and future challenges on the same levels of consciousness on which they created them. Disbalances that show themselves individually, collectively, regionally and globally in the form of diseases, crises, conflicts and wars in all systems can neither be permanently controlled nor fought. They can, however, be completely transformed. Through higher levels of consciousness. Their attainment requires a whole transformation.

(Sabine Schneider - Founder)

  • Are you searching for healthy, sustainable and loving partnerships in both family and / or your company? 
  • Does your life feel partially incomplete, empty,  or do you feel burned-/ bored out? 
  • Or do you simply want to develop and grow internally? Both on the soul and on the mind level?

As a child and Founder of Sheiza´s holistic world, I asked myself, 

“Why do people destroy themselves and other living beings?” 

To this day, we have not been able to direct an efficient way to change sustainably:

  • Trouble shootings and crises management are on the rise
  • Approx. 70 % of change processes in companies fail 
  • Divorce and separation statistics are not better
  • Spiritual and mental illness continue to rise 
  • Individual, collective, regional, global


The above-mentioned actual state prompted me over a decade ago to go through the process of the whole transformation myself. My goal was to find sustainable solutionsAnd sustainable solutions can only be found if a human being is holistically conscious. It was the search for holistic love and holistic balance. On all levels.

Or as Plato wrote a long time ago: 

"Love is the longing for wholeness. And the search for wholeness is called love".

But how can a whole consciousness be achieved efficiently and sustainably? 

After more than 13 years of successful research, development and (self-) experience, I know as a Founder that Sheizas Mentoring & Training enables the efficient and structured path to wholeness. Sheiza's ergo teaches and practices a holistic worldview.  

Live your life to its full potential. Get off the hamster wheel of repetition. The only thing human beings can change and improve is themselves. Become a holistic transformation leader.

A price list is available on request. All treatments, conversations and exercises are tax deductible as consulting services.



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