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The Reference Book on Sustainable Evolution, Transformation and holistic Healthy Growth

While humans, businesses and (eco-) systems have visibly and tangibly arrived in evolutionary processes, initiated change processes have been failing for decades, while at the same time the costs of diseases, crises and conflicts are constantly rising. Because without wholistic knowledge and experience, evolution, transformation and growth processes cannot be led and implemented in a structured, efficient and sustainable way.

Change have of course always existed. But only in partial areas. This time it is much more complex. In her wholistic book, economist Sabine Schneider presents a selection of her interdisciplinary knowledge and intercultural experience as well as some of her research findings and offers coherent explanations, perspectives and a Meta-Solution.

With the help of her scientifically based and practice-proven leadership model "A Wholistic World©", Sabine Schneider explains transparently and from a wholistic perspective what wholeness means and why wholeness is the fundamental innovation and Megatrend of the 21st century when it comes to sustainable leadership, holistic health & fitness and sustainable development, growth and competitiveness of humans, brands, organisations and (eco) systems. In this context, she also explains why this requires a "System(r)evolution©" in all areas. As she called it before in her book published in 2020 on the whole transformation of humans and brands in Germany.

The neutral model was originally created by her for the development of the "Wholistic Human System©". However, it can be adapted to any human being, organisation and (eco) system. The economist presents the developmental path of the human being in a structured and pragmatic way, taking into account the links in the human system as well as the connections between humans, animals, nature and the planet.

The copyrighted content of the model is part of the reference book published on 13 June 2023 via Tredition GmbH, Germany. Please note: From 22 December 2023, both the English and German versions of the book are available in bookshops and worldwide. The Publisher is Sheiza's®. All rights are reserved by the Founder Sabine Schneider. The German edition has 333 pages, the English edition 315 pages.

Tredition GmbH is solely responsible for correct printing and shipping. This company is also responsible for the correct transmission of the book data to the book trade. No further rights exist.

"How Wholeness Saves a World" offers a comprehensive overview of disruptive and complex knowledge and experience. The reference book and the Leadership Model "A Wholistic World©" form the basis of our sustainable and disruptively innovative advanced education and process support.

Fragmented and/or outdated qualifications and a lack of practical experience are no longer sufficient to find groundbreaking innovations, explanations, perspectives and solutions and to implement them successfully and sustainably. Socially, economically and ecologically.

Simply book your first session (in person/online) and learn more about the wholistic development path of humans, brands, organisations and (eco-) systems. And receive an offer tailored to your current needs. From mission to successful implementation.

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