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Your expert for holistic healthy and sustainable leadership development, marketing and change management

Welcome to the next dimension of sustainable healthy human (consciousness) development. Make yourself holistically fit for a holistically balanced age.

In the meantime, buzzwords like transformation, sustainability, holistic health and also spirituality have arrived in the collective consciousness. The market is correspondingly intransparent.

The brand Sheiza´s is a first mover when it comes to sustainable healthy and implemented consciousness development through transformation.

Sheiza's has been successfully implemented in the health market for 10 years. In the beginning, the brand stood for spiritual consciousness development and later also for a sustainable healthy transformation on the mental level.

Since then it has grown steadily and healthily. Today the brand name Sheiza's stands for a holistic healthy grown and experienced consciousness through transformation.

Wholeness is the stable and thus sustainable foundation on which we can safely build holistically healthy systems - individual, collective, organisational, regional & global

In order to guarantee you healthy and holistically stable growth and sustainable solutions on your path to wholeness, Sheiza´s efficiently combines ancient, indigenous knowledge with the techniques of state-of-the-art change management. All tools have been tested, reduced to their essence and constantly improved. On top, you benefit from 30 years of international consulting experience in the health and leisure market.

Efficiency means to me that you walk the path of holistic transformation directly. Without an unhealthy loss of resources. So discover Sheiza's Wholistic World and embark on the journey. Be willing to lose sight of familiar shores for a longer period of time. Because we can never solve challenges sustainably on the same level of consciousness on which we created them.

Sheiza´s guide you, your team and your organisation safely through uncharted territory and the natural system (r)evolution that comes with it, resulting from the leap to the consciousness level of wholeness.

I am excited to see you soon and thank you for your trust.

Sabine Schneider

(Founder Sheiza´s Wholistic World)



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Be yourself the holistic transformation of your organisation!

Become a holistically conscious transformation leader and take the lead holistically on the path to a holistic (knowledge) age.

For yourself, for your team, in family and business, in the economy, in politics, etc.

While conventional change management always starts on the mental or physical level, Sheiza´s change processes always begin on the soul level. So Sheiza´s goes a step deeper and takes the whole human system into account.

Because sustainable and holistic successful transformation works much more efficiently from the inside out than from the outside in. So that initiated change processes no longer fail at rates around 70 percent and you have to deal with trouble shootings and crisis management again and again.

Provided that your chosen mentors have already successfully walked the whole path of holistic consciousness development themselves and are therefore absolutely stable spiritually and mentally. In every situation.

In the initial consultation we can clarify whether it makes sense to work with me. If not, however, I will also be happy to recommend excellent alternatives.


Make yourself, your team and your organisation holistically fit for a holistically healthy future!

Humanity cannot solve its current challenges on the same levels of consciousness on which they created them. Disbalances that show themselves individually, collectively, regionally and globally in the form of diseases, crises, conflicts and wars in all systems can, however, be sustainably transformed. By achieving a holistic consciousness.

After more than 13 years of successful research, development and self-experience, I know as the founder that Sheiza´s holistic Mentoring & Training enables the efficient, structured and sustainable transformation path to wholeness.

Sheiza's holistic worldview teaches and practices wholeness.

Even if each path is individual. The structure and the challenges along the way are always the same.

Create sustainable and holistic healthy life and business models and systems.

Individual, collective, organisational, regional and global


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