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Humans are in an evolutionary process

People, organisations and institutions in society, business and politics have now arrived at evolutionary and disruptive processes. The increasing complexity of current and future challenges requires a holistically healthy growth of people themselves.

However, as long as world views are fragmented and/or outdated, strategies, structures, processes, systems, solutions, innovations, decisions, etc. cannot be holistically successful and sustainable. This is one of the reasons why change processes have been failing for decades, at least in part, and why systems are becoming increasingly overloaded.

In her book - available in German and English from March 2023 - economist Sabine Schneider offers a selection of her holistic explanations, contexts, perspectives and meta-solutions. The content is based on 25 years of consulting experience and her interdisciplinary research from 2012 to 2022. She takes into account not only the Mindset and Bodyset, but explicitly also the Soulset of people, organisations and systems.

With the help of her field-tested development, transformation and growth model Sheiza's® • A Wholistic World, Sabine Schneider explains transparently and from a holistic perspective what wholeness means, why wholeness is the basic innovation and thus the fundamental megatrend of the 21st century in all areas, and much more.

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