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About the Making of Sheiza´s®, the Reference Book and the Founder

Without holistic analysis, there is no holistic structure. And without holistic structure there is no holistic leadership, no efficient prevention and no sustainable development. This is true at all levels of evolution. And it is one of the reasons why the topics of structure and leadership have always been the basis of the development, change and growth processes I have initiated.

In 1998, I graduated in economics with a scientific thesis on social change and its marketing-strategic and economic impact on fitness facilities. I have shown how fitness centres must be designed in the future in order to remain competitive. In my scientific work, I also analysed why leaders also need to be "coaches" in order to lead teams and organisations successfully and develop innovations. However, that was in 1998 and today I know that leaders do not have to be coaches. Rather, they need to be holistically trained and experienced in order to grasp the complexity of challenges in their entirety. Then they can lead sustainably and implement progress and healthy growth efficiently and in a goal- and results-orientated manner.

After successfully completing my studies, I first worked for a few years on the professionalisation and growth of the German fitness market. Today, 25 years later, my focus is on wholistic and also global health, fitness and prevention of humans, animals, nature and the planet. Through sustainable development, transformation and wholistic healthy growth of humans, brands, organisations and systems.

In order to solve individual and also planetary crises and to create sustainable progress, balance and peace, it is crucial to always first analyse and understand the whole. The past neglect of such an approach has repeatedly led to uneconomic and fragmented solutions, which in turn led to regressions, imbalances and burnouts. These facts were my motivation for an extensive research project, at the end of which it turned out, among other things, that the heart and the economic factor are of particular importance when it comes to sustainability, leadership, growth, health and balance. Read why in "How Wholeness Saves a World". In German or in English. The book is free of charge for clients.

In my wholistic book, I explain in general terms and as simply as possible why diseases, crises, conflicts and wars cannot be fought or controlled sustainably and how they can be transformed wholistically instead. Furthermore, I show which skills leaders, teams, organisations and institutions need today and in the future in order to successfully implement such wholistic development and transformation processes and thus remain competitive. To this end, among other things, I analysed and improved interdisciplinary knowledge from different cultures and developed "a whole human system". I explored and analysed the connections within the human system itself and beyond, the differences and connections between humans, animals, nature and the planet. 

My own development path began in West Berlin, where I grew up in a middle-class family. Both my parents were employed. Sport, animals and nature always played a big role in my life. On Sundays, I liked to go with my father to the farmer around the corner to buy milk and eggs. And I liked to spend my summer holidays on a farm near the Baltic Sea and Travemünde. I was in the handball club and the swimming club, learned to ride horses and was thrilled with my Carrera track, Matchbox cars and Barbie dolls. If my parents didn't want to cross the border controls of the GDR by car, they explored new cultures away from mass tourism with me by plane. Like Turkey, for example, in the early 1980s. Travelling has shaped my life. Not only privately, but also professionally. As an economist specialising in marketing as well as world markets and developing countries, I thus had the opportunity to observe and analyse the development of cultures and societies worldwide. Among others, I got to know Mexico, South Africa, Egypt, Cape Verde and Morocco, the Maldives and Fiji, Vietnam and Cambodia, South Korea, Canada and the USA as well as Switzerland, Monaco and Europe.

But first I made my driving licence at 17 and got an Opel Kadett C from my parents. At 18, I started earning my own money and at 19 I moved into my first own flat. After completing an apprenticeship, I worked in a permanent job for a few years before I decided to go to university. At the same time, I did an apprenticeship as a group fitness trainer. I learned to understand the anatomy of the body, how to structure choreographies and adapt them to the fitness level and needs of different target groups, and how to motivate humans in groups. This is how a long-time fitness client eventually became a successful instructor in various fitness facilities in Berlin. It was my first self-employment in the prevention, fitness and health market.

After my studies, I started working in a consultancy for fitness and leisure facilities. I analysed the offer and quality of hundreds of fitness facilities and developed visions, strategies and concepts for the improvement of existing and the development of new facilities together with clients before I started my own business as a Management and Marketing Consultant. 

As part of my personal development, I started mindfulness training according to Kabat-Zinn in the early 2000s, discovered Buddhism and meditation for myself and learned to play golf. All this not only trained my mental fitness and health, but also promoted my entry into the international wellness and tourism market. In 2003, for example, I took on the role of European Market Coordinator for the renowned "Soma Bay" resort in Egypt. I accompanied the development of the golf and thalasso hotel "The Cascades" as a consultant and was responsible for increasing brand awareness and expanding the market presence of the resort in the areas of fitness, wellness and golf in Europe.

As a young woman who courageously developed and successfully implemented innovative visions together with owners, board members and managing directors, envy and resentment were sometimes part of my life. My clients and I had learned to live with that. Until, between 2005 and 2007, I suddenly became the target of extremely pathological bullying from my private circle.

In order to find explanations and solutions, I trained as a psychological counsellor and also expanded my spiritual knowledge. For example, I deepened my knowledge of Hinduism and Taoism. I also began to study the knowledge of ancient (high) cultures and indigenous peoples around the world. In 2008 I wrote my final thesis as a Certified Psychological Counsellor on the differences between various psychological schools and some shamanic resp. spiritual teachings. 

I then spent a few years living in the seclusion of rural Spain. This was my professional entry into counselling, support and guidance - mainly for (former) executives and those around them - in personal and professional situations of illness and crisis. The main focus was on inner development, transformation and growth.

Between 2009 and 2011, I also started a healthy lifestyle project. This included growing my own fruit and vegetables without using pesticides and donating fruit, vegetables and clothes to the charity CARITAS. I stopped using plastic and I stopped using cosmetics containing petroleum. At the end of the tourist season I helped clean up the coast as a qualified (PADI) diver. 

"Diseases, crises, conflicts and wars cannot be controlled or fought in a sustainable way. But they can be transformed holistically. Into well-being, growth, prosperity and thus into securing competitiveness."

(Sabine Schneider)

At the beginning of 2012 I finally founded my brand Sheiza's®, which originally stood for the spiritual and mental development of executives and experts (also former and future ones). The turquoise and red logo also stands for this: for sustainable wholeness of soul and mind.

As the costs of staff turnover, bullying, resignations and mental illness continued to rise in companies, societies, economies and various countries, I decided to train for another year and a half to become a professional Change Manager. At the end of 2018, I completed the training with a final thesis on the holistic development of leaders and teams. In this context, I also wrote the chapter "Megatrend wholeness and its marketing specific and economic impacts on holistic health" at the beginning of 2018. It was published in June 2019 in "Marketing in Healthcare" by SpringerGabler (FOM-edition).

One of the goals was to reduce the costs of disease, conflict and crisis and to increase well-being and holistic healthy growth through holistic development and transformation.

The loss of my father due to a protracted disease was ultimately the catalyst for launching the extensive research project described in the introduction at the beginning of 2020. Due to the extraordinary pandemic situation, I shared some of my hypotheses and initial results in advance in September 2020 in the published rough version "Whole Transformation of Humans and Brands". Nevertheless, this first version, published in German only, was primarily intended for seminar participants and clients.

The wholistic and highly complex results and correlations that have emerged from the research project explain, among other things, how diseases, crises, conflicts and wars arise and can be successively transformed. Both in theory and in practice. Individually and collectively, but also regionally and globally.

As a result of this outstanding breakthrough - and with the completion of 25 years as a management, marketing and crisis consultant, primarily in the fitness, wellness, prevention and health markets, as well as the completion of the universal publication in German and English - the global brand Sheiza's® now stands for wholistic (further) education as well as sustainable (further) development and process support for (future) leaders, brands, organisations and systems. In theory and practice.

The brand thus offers a completely new quality and definition of knowledge on topics such as evolution, transformation, growth, human development, organisational development, health, fitness, leadership, prevention, marketing, innovation, work and economy.

 For healthy growth and sustainable progress. On all levels of evolution. For humans, brands, organisations and (eco-) systems. This overall goal and mission was successfully achieved.

And so we have also come full circle to the successful and sustainable evolution,  transformation and growth of the global brand Sheiza's® itself. And this also closes the circle to the fundamental themes that have always been part of my consulting work: Leadership, quality, progress, structure and efficiency. To guarantee sustainability, healthy growth and success.

See you in 2024, 

Sabine Schneider

Berlin, 22 December 2023


How Wholeness Saves a World

From 22 December 2023, both the German and English versions of the reference book can be ordered from bookshops and worldwide.

The reference book provides a comprehensive overview of the whole and accompanies through all phases of evolution.

In order to make it accessible to as many readers from different disciplines and cultures as possible, interdisciplinary scientific findings and intercultural practical experience have been presented as simply as possible. This is not a book for a quick read. 

The Publisher is Sheiza's®. All rights are reserved by the Founder and Inventor Sabine Schneider. The German edition has 333 pages, the English edition 315 pages.

Tredition GmbH is solely responsible for correct printing and shipping. This company is also in charge for the correct transmission of the book data to the book trade. No further rights exist.