Sabine Schneider

Economist • Mentor • Author • Speaker

Inventor of Sheiza´s® • A Wholistic World


25 years of consulting experience as a management, marketing, crisis and conflict consultant in Germany and abroad, and 10 years of research and development in the fields of health, wholeness, balance and holistic healthy development, transformation and growth of people, organisations and systems.

Core Markets & Expertise: Prevention & Health, Marketing & Innovation, Education, Premium Fitness, Wellness, Golf & Tourism Facilities, Growth & Sustainability, Transformation & Change, Human Development - from a Holistic Perspective

As an entrepreneur, scientist, researcher and solution finder, her values have always included continuous learning, improvement, growth, innovation, courage and integrity. Always ahead of her time and challenging the status quo, she managed to develop holistic explanations, solutions and innovations. Long before the challenges reached the collective consciousness.

She grew up in West Berlin at the time of Generation X. Even as a child, health and sport were important to her. As was her connection to animals and nature. 

Not surprisingly, after graduating in economics, she began her career as an analyst and consultant in the fitness and wellness market. Further education and trainings followed, as well as her own research and development in the areas of wholeness, leadership, marketing, sustainability, balance, holistic health and much more.

The holistic, pragmatic and sustainable development, transformation and growth model Sheiza's® • A Wholistic World is therefore based on holistic and complex interdisciplinary knowledge and solutions as well as her intercultural counselling experience. Efficient, pragmatic, adapted to current and future challenges. Sustainable and simplified. Because in an increasingly complex and fast-moving world, simplicity and efficiency are the ultimate perfection.


How Wholeness Saves the World  • To be published in April 2023. In German and English.

Whole Transformation of People and Brands
ISBN: softcover 978-3-347-04323-7 and hardcover 978-3-347-04324-4, (2020). In German.

Megatrend Wholeness and Its Marketing-Specific and Economic Impact on Holistic Health. Published in Marketing in Health Care - Introduction, Stocktaking, Future Perspectives. ISBN 978-3-658-20278-1, (2019). In German.

•interdisciplinary & intercultural•

Studies, education & training

Economist (1998)
Focus I: Marketing • Focus II: World Market & Developing Countries

*CCI Change Manager (2018)

Psychological Counsellor (2008)

Mentor for Spirituality, Meaning & Purpose (2008)

A-Licensed Group Fitness Trainer

Foreign Language Assistant (English / French)

*) Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2018. Change is not equal to Change
Strategy, Concept and Implementation of a whole Leadership and Team Development.

2008. Psychology & Shamanism
A Path to the Core of Consciousness and Self-Realisation.

1998. Sport - Society - Economy
Social Change and the Special Demands on Marketing Strategic Thinking for Fitness Facilities.

SCIENTIFIC FINAL WORKS •pragmatic & solution-oriented•

Professional experiencE •References on request•

Successive Launch of the Holistic and Sustainable Development, Transformation and Growth Model Sheiza’s® • A Wholistic World. For People, Organisations and Systems.

Since 2018
Change Manager, Expert for Holistic Personality & Consciousness Development and Marketing, Specialist Author, Inspiring Speaker on the Subject of Wholeness • Germany, Spain, Canada & USA

2012 - 2022
Foundation & Development of the Brand Sheiza's®
Interdisciplinary and intercultural research, development and teaching on wholeness and holistic health. Consideration of western, eastern and indigenous sciences, philosophies and teachings. Successful completion of application-oriented research at the end of 2022.

2008 - 2022
Psychological Counsellor & Mediator and Mentor for Spirituality, Meaning & Purpose • DACH region & Spain
For leaders - including former and future - as well as consultants, coaches, etc. and their private and/or professional environment in situations of illness, conflict and crisis. Main topics: Transformation of dysbalances such as burnout, boreout & (re-) traumatisations, personal support in everyday life, expansion of potentials and competences through practical training.

2003 - 2004
European Market Coordinator • Egypt •

1998 - 2022
National and international Management and Marketing Consultant and Market Analyst in the Prevention, Health and Leisure industries (Tourism & Event): Market research, market and competition analysis, strategies, marketing concepts, implementation consultancy, mergers & acquisitions, equipment selection, personnel selection and development, etc.

Sheiza´s® • A Wholistic World • For Holistic healthy Growth