Sabine Schneider

Leader for sustainable Development and Growth

Author of "How Wholeness Saves A World"

Inventor & Founder of 

  • The Brand "Sheiza´s®"
  • The "Wholistic Human System©"
  • the leadership model "A Wholistic World©"
  • the "Wholistic Knowledge Economy©"




25 years of consulting experience as a Management, Marketing, Crisis and Conflict Consultant nationally and internationally and 10 years of research and development in the fields of holistic health, prevention, fitness and transformation as well as for holistic healthy growth and sustainability. For humans, animals, nature and the planet.

Prevention, Fitness & Health • Marketing & Innovation • Leadership & Team Development • Brand & Organisational Development • Education & Practice • Analysis, Strategy, Concept, Implementation for Premium Fitness, Wellness, Golf & Tourism Facilities • Sustainable Implementation of Specific SDG Goals


For the inventor, educator, sustainability pioneer and former consultant, continuous learning, improvement, growth, courage and integrity are key components of her value creation processes. She is always ahead of her time and challenges the status quo. This has enabled her to develop and test answers and solutions long before the challenges entered the collective consciousness.

She grew up in West Berlin in the time of Generation X. Already as a child, health and sport were important to her. As was her love for animals and nature. So it comes as no surprise that, after studying economics, she began her career as an analyst and consultant in the fitness, prevention and wellness market. Further education and training followed, as well as her own research and development.

The sustainable leadership and growth model "A Wholistic World©" is therefore based on her complex interdisciplinary knowledge and solutions as well as her intercultural counselling experience. Efficient, pragmatic, adapted to current and future challenges. Sustainable and simplified. 

Because on an increasingly complex and fast changing planet, simplicity and efficiency are the ultimate perfection.


How Wholeness Saves a World・Sustainable Impact of Holistic Healthy Human Growth on Organisations, (Eco) Systems and Worlds (2023). In German (ISBN softcover 978-3-347-82290-0, hardcover 978-3-347-82292-4) and in English (ISBN softcover 978-3-347-83211-4, hardcover 978-3-347-83001-1).

Whole Transformation of Humans and Brands • How the Soul Saves the World (2020). ISBN: softcover 978-3-347-04323-7 and hardcover 978-3-347-04324-4. In German.

Megatrend Wholeness and its marketing-specific and economic impact on Holistic Health (2019). Published in "Marketing in Health Care - Introduction, Stocktaking, Future Perspectives". ISBN 978-3-658-20278-1. In German.

•interdisciplinary & intercultural•

Studies, education & training

Economist (1998)
Focus I: International Marketing and Management・
Focus II: World Market & Developing Countries

*CCI Change Manager (2018)

Certified Psychological Counsellor (2008)

Mentor for Spirituality & Purpose (2008)

A-Licensed Group Fitness Instructor 

Foreign Language Assistant (Focus on Economics, English, French)

*) Chamber of Commerce and Industry

1998. Sport - Society - Economy
Social Change and the Special Challenges for the marketing-strategic Thinking of Fitness Centres

2008. Psychology & Shamanism
A Path to the Core of Consciousness and Self-Realisation

2018. Change is not equal to Change
Strategy, Concept and Implementation of a whole Leadership and Team Development

SCIENTIFIC FINAL WORKS •pragmatic & solution-oriented•

Professional experiencE •References on request•

From 2024
Wholistic (further) Education & Process Support 

For Sustainable Leadership Development and Healthy Growth of Humans, Brands, Organisations and (Eco) Systems. In theory and practice. Structured and efficient. Individually, collectively, regionally and globally.

Leader for Sustainable Development & Growth, Pre-Launch of the evolution, transformation and growth model "Sheiza’s® • A WholisticWorld". Writing and publishing "How Wholeness Saves a World". Wholistic positioning of the global brand Sheiza's®.

2018 - 2022
Leader for inner Change & Health and for sound and sustainable Consciousness Development and Marketing, Specialist Author, inspiring Speaker on the topic of Wholeness / Holistic Health ・Europe, Canada, USA

2012 - 2023
Foundation & Development of the global Brand Sheiza's® Interdisciplinary and intercultural research, development and teaching on wholeness and holistic health. Consideration of western, eastern, indigenous and ancient sciences, philosophies and teachings. 

2008 - 2022
Psychological Counsellor & Mediatoras well as Mentor for Personality Development, Spirituality & Purpose • DACH & Spain Support in coping, transformation and change in situations of disease and crisis (especially burnout, boreout, anxiety, bullying, addiction, trauma and business insolvency). In collaboration with physicians, among others.

2003 - 2004
European Market Coordinator • Egypt • Advisor to the owner, inventor and chairman of the luxury resort Soma Bay, Vision of the inventor: "Preserving the beauty of the landscape and treating nature and its resources as gently as possible. In other words, to carefully reconcile economy and ecology".

Management and strategy consulting, development of marketing concept, supportive advice during the construction of the golf and thalasso hotel "The Cascades" (Leading Hotels of the World), responsible for the areas of fitness, golf & thalasso as well as for increasing awareness of the brand Soma Bay.

1998 - 2022
National and international Management and Marketing Consultant and Market Analyst in the prevention, health and leisure industries (Tourism & Event): Market research, market and competition analysis, strategies, marketing concepts, implementation consultancy, mergers & acquisitions, selection of fitness equipment, staff selection and development, etc.



Sheiza´s®・A Wholistic World • For Wholistic healthy Growth